Lit Lords

 Photo: Ian Adcock

Meet some of the hardest working guys in the music scene. Isiah Anderson and Wade Hampton are taking the hard music scene by storm and taking no prisoners with the music they dubbed "Hard Trap".

We caught up with Isiah long enough to get to know Lit Lords a little better.

Please introduce yourself and Lit Lords, for those are not familiar. 

My name is Isiah I am 1/2 of Lit Lords which is an electronic music duo pioneering in the upcoming sub genre 'Hard Trap'. My friends call me bvrzz.. 1$ to anyone who pronounces it right.

(Editor's note, I did. He didn't give me a dollar.)

Lit Lords had a very unique sound. how would you describe it to someone who hasn't heard it?

Thank you, that means i'm doing my job! Haha. Our sound Is intense. It is in your face and true to life. For me its an escape, a way to just let loose what i'm feeling to tell and create a story. A Legend.

What do you recommend listeners do while listening to your music?

I have no idea haha but what I usually do when listening to our music is, it's going to sound silly, but I always kind of jump around and move to the rhythms seeing if it can translate to a live performance and keep my energy up. Our music is all about energy so..ahh WORKOUT TO OUR MUSIC thats a major key to gainz.
What inspired you to get started making Hard Trap?

Oh boy, I started out playing the guitar. I was a heavy metal fiend. I was jamming Lamb of God and one day I said I want to make my own guitar track so boom, I bought some recorder that came with my little friend Abelton Live..oo the glory days. But when I first heard EDM, I hated it. Nothing really spoke to me and gave me that adrenaline rush like metal did (sounds so corny) one day my buddy at the time Shailen was like yo man you gotta hear this and he throws this youtube video into my face that reads (Cookie Monsta - Optimus Prime). I'm like what are these sounds?! Our friendship didn't last. Haha I kid, but I have to give a big shoutout to my brother D'adrian for introducing me to hardstyle.. I hated that too but it grew on me because everyday he comes in class shuffling to some loud as BONG BONG BONG thing so Im like alright lets see what this is all about. *Puts headphones on (SCRAPP ATTACCK!) MIND= BLOWN. Hardstyle is just so expressive and that attracted me to it. Harsh but beautiful; that's art.

Photo: Ian Adcock

You just released " Hard City", a new EP. Tell us about the process of making it. It sounds like it brings a new dynamic to your sound.

Ah man the Hard City EP.. This new EP is really about separating ourselves from everybody else with the release of our first EP ‘The System’ it really accelerated artists interests in the ‘Hard Trap’ genre and a lot of producers and Dj's have started playing it out and have begun to emulate the sounds, so with the Hard City EP we really wanted to evolve the scene, and sound to make it our own. We took all of the biggest trends in dance music so to speak and curved into our existing style which in turn created something completely new.. A ‘NU’ or ‘Hybrid’ style version of Hard Trap. Of course we wanted to show everyone we could easily do the same ol Hard Trap thats out there already, take screech street for example but, I really took it back to my own roots as well. We introduced an original guitar track ‘Crowd Control’ which was performed by myself on my own guitar rig and also a house track ‘Backstreet Beatdown’ that is a whole new beast of its own. With the start of Lit Lords itself, we did a lot of Hip Hop remixes which garnered our early attention. On the title track we brought on Milano, and he and I did the verses on the ‘Hard City’ Track which I think perfectly balanced the Hip Hop and Dance music realms. The Hard City EP is our own world, but it is also a message to everyone out there. ‘Hard Trap’ is more than just a screech over a loud 808 with a sub par Hardstyle kick. Its an art that can become more than the fad that some producers would like it to be.

What is 548 Entertainment?

548 Entertainment is the outlook of our career as more than just music. We have brought on 4 singers/ rappers onto the company and we hope to expand the Lit Lords reach into other genres as well as produce and mold our own talent that will eventually grow into producing our own events and culture. Right now we are excited to be working with New York singer/ rapper Joey Haynes. He has a versatile voice and approach to the way he writes to tracks and is definitely our workhorse in the start of 548 Entertainment.

Beyond the Lit Lords music, and the 548 label, there is the brand. We are just super humbled to working with you guys (STRATA) I just feel I can’t thank you guys enough for reaching out to us and believing our vision. I mention this because with this STRATA's help we can continue to pursue our vision and together I know we can create a monster.

What is your dream festival to play? 

Now that I'm having to think about it I do not know. I just need me. hahaha fr fr though I would love to play Tomorrowland in Belgium. I've watched so many of my idols don that stage It's just like a bucket list type of thing.

Photo: Ian Adcock

Last, how does Lit Lords "Live From Within"

Well I can't speak for Wade but I think we just be ourselves no matter what. We are two normal straightforward guys that have a deep passion for music. I would say I'm a little more expressive to the world than Wade but Living From Within to me just being happy with yourself and your grind. Be Yourself..such a simple idea but it's so rare to see people actually doing it. Alot of people don't like me but hey, a lot of people don't matter.

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