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Have you heard of dubstep?

Most likely. No matter what your opinion of this polarizing genre of music is, you can't deny that it has had quite an impact on folks over the past few years. One of the first artists to wobble our hearing was Jimmy Blythe; you may know him as AFK.
Jimmy let us ask him a few questions about how he makes it work.
Please introduce yourself to those who aren't familiar with you or your music.
My name is Jimmy. I go by AFK in the bass music scene.

Give us some info behind the name "AFK"
I play lots of video games and have my entire life. AFK is a gaming term that means Away From Keyboard. When I started producing and needed an alias I think it just fit for me because it could have meaning in both music and gaming.

What got you into the electronic music scene?
From about 2006-2008 I was really into Trance and House music. At some point this sub-genre of House called Fidget House came along and I heard a lot of new wobbly sounds I had never heard before. Around the time I got into that someone showed me a Dubstep track by Rusko and I jumped over to bass music.

How have you managed to stay relevant in a rapidly changing music scene like EDM?
It's hard in my opinion. Last year I struggled a bit because I was trying to make music that I wasn't really feelin' because I felt like my relevance was gone. Now I'm back loving what I am making again and that's really what I care about.

What's a favorite track that you have produced and why?
Definitely this new unreleased collaboration with Bare Noize and Anna Yvette on the vocals. The record really tells a story and evolves so much throughout the course of the song and I've never really done anything like that before.

This next question is very important- what Pokemon would you be if you had to choose and why?
If I had to BE one Mewtwo for sure haha because he is arguably the strongest and he is an alien. I would want to be able to wreck everyone else.

You mention the name AFK being your tribute to gaming, which ones would someone find Jimmy playing on an off day from music?
Haha I tend to game once a day most days, it gets my brain goin'. Right now it's mostly Heroes of the Storm on PC or Dark Souls on Xbox.

Lastly, how do you Live From Within?
Trying to stay true to myself. Not letting things get me down or angry that I have no control of. Just going with the flow of life and trying my best!
Photos Courtesy of Cutting Edge Photography

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