Recently, we took a trip down south to catch up with local celebrity, Jensen Calloway. For a few years now, he has been the brains behind a pretty big operation, the Gromtest. Its a surf contest in                          South Florida for, you guessed it, groms. Here is Calloway's full re-cap of the 5th Annual Halloween Gromtest. 


"We made it five years and only going to continue! Every year I try to get all the sponsors to donate prizes and goodies for the kids, and every year the kid's prize bags are filled to the brim.  Growing up around Jupiter and South Florida there's surf events, but they are all sanctioned contests such as ESA, NSSA, or the Surfing America ones. So I just wanted to give back and have an all grom kids contest. It's all for fun and bragging rights. We came up with some cool Halloween themed divisions: "Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, and Baby Gargoyles." I did, however, have a lot of girls entering over the past few years so I made an all girls division. Each year seems to be growing. Were getting more sponsors and people who want to be involved. Last year (2014) was the biggest year yet, at almost 70 kids showing up and competing."

"This year was a great turnout! We had to end up postponing it a few weekends back, but it all ended up turning out fine. We had nice little waves for the kids and the weather was beautiful. We had about 45 kids come out this year and go at it.  We have some specialty awards in addition to our prize bags for the kids, one award is $100 for Best Maneuver, $100 to Best Overall Performance, and my favorite award, $100 to the Smallest Grom Biggest Bomb!!  I make big oversized checks so the kid's feel like they are champions after. I always used to want one of those checks, so thought it would be cool to do it. We had kids come all the way from Hawaii this year and all up and down Florida! I want to give a big thanks to the community, all the sponsors, and most importantly, the parents and the kids for making this event possible."



Best Overall: Maikai Burdine

Best Maneuver: Chase Modelski

Smallest Grom Biggest Bomb: Greyson Engleman


Thanks to all the following Sponsors: Guanabanas Restaurant, Fresh Screen Prints, Locals Surf Shop, Blueline Surf and Paddle, Ocean Magic Surf Shop, Sector 9, Electric Visual, Volcom, Crowd Control, Stance Socks, Kulcha Shok, and Catch Surf.

Photo courtesy of Janet Rozo. 


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