Kyler Hurley has an unconditional appreciation for all things sonic, and a natural musical aptitude that is, dare I say, Rainman-esque. For instance, he knows that when the oven is fully preheated and ready to revive a cold slice of pizza, it beeps an F sharp, and also that when he is trying to make a left turn in LA traffic for twenty minutes, his blinker clicks in 2/4 time. He’s got what Jools Holland would call, “the boogie muscle.”

Kyler was raised just a stones throw south of our North Floridian headquarters, but has since become a west coast transplant. His first year amongst it in Los Angeles has seen him studying under record label greats, and in turn channeling new knowledge and creativity into his personal projects, a beautiful cycle if you ask me (I know, no one did). We recently sat down with him to discuss what its like working in a recording studio, his career aspirations, and our mutual love of cats.

-How did you get involved in music? 

 I've always been into music but I think what got be hooked was when I started DJing after high school. I was really into seeing people's reactions to different types of music and I spent a lot of time thinking about why music made people feel a certain way.

-What keeps you going? 

The music!

-Any body/thing that inspires you you? 

I get inspired by seeing live music. As a musician it's very rewarding to go see a band absolutely kill it. Seein how the crowd responds to each song. I always leave a show on a complete creative high.


I have hundreds of goals.. Short term; I'd like to finish recording a full length album, tour with one of my bands and have a song on the radio. Long term; I'd like to win a Grammy, get a platinum record and sell out Wembley Stadium. Aim for the stars!

-Favorite kind of music? What do you classify your music as? 

I hate this question! I can say I hear the best in everything I listen to. Very rarely do I listen to something I absolutely don't like... That being said I'm drawn to more of the classics, I think my parents had a heavy influence of that. My music is all across the board. What I write depends on how I'm feeling or what I'm being influenced by but I seem to write mostly pop music. 

-Any thing exciting been happening/in the works? 

I've been recording and writing with a lot of very talented people in a few different genres. I'm really exciting to hear the finish products and see what happens.

-Traveling anywhere? 

I'll be going to Austin Texas for SXSW this spring with a band I've been writing and producing with. We have some catchy songs so who knows what could happen!


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