Catching up with Clelland

Much can be said about Scott Clelland. For one, dude gets around. His passport bears the stamps of all tropical island nations considered desirable, and reads like a list of dream honeymoon destinations for suburban newlyweds (coming this spring to TLC). He has long since abandoned northeast Florida and now calls the north shore of Oahu home, where he can be found running around with JOB and crew, and of course, in the water at pipe. The lovely Hannah Gruhn recently took the time to catch up with our resident reef break connoisseur, and foremost enthusiast of positive-vibery.


So what have you been up to lately? Anything exciting?

Yeah, surfing pipe waves has been good over here on Oahu. 

Do you live in Oahu?

Yes I live on the north shore.

I'm jealous. Where have you lived before? 

I've lived in Greece, Miami, and Hawaii.

Any favorite places you've traveled? 

Tahiti, Bali, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. Tahiti is my favorite for sure! 

I can imagine it's beautiful. What got you into surfing?

My dad was a professional surfer/surf board shaper! He taught me super young.

So what else besides surfing do you like to do? 

Fish, skate, football, travel, kick it with my friends. 

What does live from within mean to you? 

Do what you love...what makes you happy from the inside. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, just live from within you! 



You can see more from Scotty here


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