Songs to Get You Home for the Holidays

   This year, just as every, most Americans will swim back upstream to conceive their young, only to die soon after in the same waters in which they were born. No wait… those are salmon. Salmon do that. But anyway, I guess what I’m talking about here isn’t too far off, and if your family is anything like mine, then the solitude of traveling is one of the highlights of being homeward bound for the holidays. So here’s some tunes, carefully curated to get you through the traffic, terminals, and turkey talk. 

Here we go.  

1. America, “Sister Golden Hair” 

One of the greatest road trip songs to ever be etched into vinyl, I’m talkin’  windows down, just you and the open asphalt.


2. Arctic Monkeys “505”

You’ve just reached cruising altitude, they’re playing “The big bang theory,” pop in the earbuds and give this electro-organ anthem a listen.


3. Paul McCartney  “Band on the Run” 

Sir Paul McCartney’s ode to a life on the road, also a favorite for getting stoned with your dad after dinner. 


4. Vanessa Carlton  “A Thousand Miles”

 In the event that you’re “making your way downtown.”


5. Leon Bridges “Comin Home”

Good artist, killer tune, shameless indulgence.


6.  Bob Seger “ Like a Rock” 

This one only applies to those traveling to the Midwest.


7. Kenny Loggins “Danny’s Song”

A (more than) likely accurate depiction of how your parents felt about welcoming you into the world


8. Bill Joel “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”

Because you probably actually have seven minutes and change to listen to a man whose initials are synonymous with fellatio tell a piano story about two high school sweethearts. 


9. Vampire Weekend “Holiday”

You were excited to get home, but now your there and can’t remember why


10. Air supply “ All out of Love”

A half-dozen sangrias with aunt Linda, and now its time to let it all out. 




Plug in & Enjoy. 

- Eric 

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