Meet Taylor Bennett

    In a new series we've dubbed "young people doing dope shit" (it's a working title), we'd like to showcase the talent and hard work of those that have made the most out of their few trips around the sun. This inaugural installment will introduce you to the likes of Taylor Bennett, a strapping young fella who is cracking into mainstream rap, at the tender age of 19. 

   Growing up in a Chicago suburb, Taylor recalls always having an affinity for language, free styling with his friends as a kid, and constantly keeping a notebook in-tow to jot down whatever thoughts he saw fit. By his teens he had begun recording and was playing shows around the city, and this past year, saw him release his first music video on MTV. Despite his lyrics focusing primarily on younger culture, Taylor says he finds inspiration in people of all ages and lifestyles, including his older brother chance (the rapper), and his father Ken, holder of public office for the city of Chicago. 

You can find his music (here).

- Eric

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