Wayne just got married, and like any groom-to-be, he had a proper bachelor party. However, he traded the norm of going to vegas, getting shit-faced, and causing chaos with your boys one last weekend, for the chlorinated waves of Typhoon Lagoon. Wayne's dad did it up and rented out Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, Florida so the boys could have the ultimate shred session.

Check out the action, all photos provided by Luke Strickland (@stricklandshotz86). Thanks for getting the shots Luke!

 Wayne stoked on a beauty for the 1st wave of the session. (@waynesatrwht)


 Brady with a nice backside hit. (@bmac0409)

 Scotty spreading positive vibes. (@scottyvibes)


 Lefts, Rights, and even A-frames. No complaints here.


 Waynes's dad showing the young bucks whats up.


 Brady with a little shove-it action. He pulled it.

 Wayne stoked on the best bachelor party you could ask for.


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