This past weekend, downtown Jacksonville hosted the (un)controlled chaos known as the Florida Georgia game. If you made it out this year and are currently reading this, allow me to congratulate you on surviving, and also apologize for what you saw me do behind the porta potty when I was "pretty sure" no one was watching. 

This year marked a record attendance at our tailgate soirée, and unfortunately, the growth was not without a few pains. A miscommunication here, an uncooperative police officer there, and suddenly, all were ready to offer their unsolicited opinions. And for the few that chose to spout their explicit, less-than-constructive criticism on all social media fronts; as Tom hanks once said in the major motion picture Forrest Gump, "shit happens.” 

Lest we forget, a hell of a time was had despite a few setbacks. All of the usual four wheeled suspects kept the crowd entertained (and a little nervous) on the Instaramp half pipe. Carve and Redbull did their best to dispatch everyone's desire for an afternoon dirt nap (although, yours truly, still managed a quick one). And BUBBA burgers grilled up enough beef to fend off the hunger of the blue and red masses. Like myself, you may have forgotten there was some sort of sporting event amongst all this. Yes, the Gators did take the W. Once again, asserting dominance over our peach-pitted neighbors to the north; and thus, ending this years’ Battle of the Border. 

Big Thanks to Carve, Redbull Atlanta, Bubba Burger, Instaramp, Woodroze, Hifi, Sweet by Holly, Social Academy, Great American Cookout Tour and the dozens of volunteers (you know who you are). And a special thank you to the brothers Rodriguez for working their asses off on a day they would have much rather spent sipping cocktails in the sun with the rest of us. Until next year...




Photos: Garrett Milanovich

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