Meet our friend, Nico.

 Nico Holderbaum, or, informally, “Nicosuavalicious” has more than made a name for herself in the swirling eddy that is North Florida Culture. You’ve undoubtedly viewed pieces of her work, as they adorn the walls of establishments and homes all about town, but we would like to take some time to paint a picture (sorry, had to) of the painter behind the pictures. 

Residing in West Palm Beach, a then young Nico discovered her passion for the visual arts at summer camp, and in turn, spent her formative years perfecting her technique at primary and secondary schools for the arts. While these institutions were nurturing, she felt they conveyed the life of an artist as lacking in stability, and thus, chose not to pursue art as a career.

After selecting the University of North Florida for collegiate education, Nico studied accounting and physical therapy, both of which would assist her soon after, as she accepted a job managing a chiropractic firm in south Florida. Her employers would become mentors, instilling in her the joy and fulfillment that only stems from being passionate about ones work, and reigniting her flame for art. Nico then relocated back to Jacksonville, where she has spent every moment since, giving to a community that couldn’t be happier to have her. After all, she is quite literally making our town more beautiful, one piece at a time.

If you like what you see below (you will), be sure to follow Nico on Instagram @nicosuavalicious.


Written by: Eric Johnson


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