"Only in Vegas" is a phrase overheard seemingly by the minute on the strip, and while horridly clichéd, it's equally as accurate.

Our whole team being pure white sin-city virgins, we were ready to write off the hype with a shoulder shrug. But after witnessing the Freaks of Fremont Street, the rooftop pool-party shows, and the patron saint of the Venetian tossing the crew a couple fresh bills, we were blue-blooded believers. I suppose some things just can't happen anywhere else. 

One thing is for sure, coming to this town for work is the literal embodiment of mixing (shaken or stirred?) business with pleasure. It's a balancing act — like juggling two flaming batons and one newborn French bulldog. Bearing that in mind, it's notably more satisfying to head back home confident all the boxes have been checked. We'd like to say we're ready to celebrate another roadshow success with a cocktail, but this weeks events considered, a 45-day detox seems more appropriate. 

Big thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth, all of you, and to AGENDA for having us through this season. 

Words: Eric Johnson
Photos: Nate Ebert


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  • Ken Graves

    Vegas is an unbelievable place, a great light show! I have not been there since my dad’s funeral in 1990. I’m sure it has changed a lot. I hope you had fun and a productive trip.

    Love Dad

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