Photographer, Adventure Seeker, Shredder… all around good guy. Our good friend, Adam “Barto” Bartoshesky, just got back from a one month hiatus in Indonesia. He scored in and out of the water, bringing us back endless stories and longing for island fever.

In his words:

“Well, that was fun... I spent 30 whole days in the far-away land of Indonesia; living out the fantasy surf trip that most surfers dream about on a daily basis for the entirety of their lives (that is until if/when they finally make the voyage themselves). A dream world consisting of the best waves you have ever surfed... in the warmest, bluest waters... over the most exquisite reefs... surrounded by the most lush, beautiful jungle... alongside a few of your best mates.

“It is amazing what an extended amount of time abroad can do to one's self- being fully engaged in a foreign culture for 1 month will do wonders for your mental clarity and outlook on life. It is amazing how different cultures can be; it will truly open your eyes and more than likely help you realize how fortunate many of us are. It will also help you feel more alive then ever.”

For more of Barto’s adventure, I invite you to check out his blog I promise you will be frothing at the mouth as you scroll through perfection. 


What does #livefromwithin mean to you?

"Knowing your purpose and mission in life. Knowing what truly makes you happy and dedicating your life to those things. And if you aren't living the life that makes you happiest, then everyday should be spent working towards achieving that life.

Most great things don't come with ease. It takes patience and working your ass off towards those things. So, set some goals and go out and forge the life you dream about. You can either dream and wish and hope, or you can get off your ass and go make them a reality." 



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