In a residential neighborhood off of Atlantic and Kernan, music seeps through the thin walls of a suburban home. It's here that STRATA got to meet the seven members of Weekend Atlas, as they crammed into a small bedroom for practice. Luckily, the band is used to tight spaces, for at the end of July, they will pile into one van and road trip up the east coast for their upcoming tour. This tour is a chance for Weekend Atlas to expand their fan base, to perform new, unrecorded songs that showcase their new musical direction, and also to create unforgettable memories together. Because after just one practice with them, it was apparent that Weekend Atlas is more than just a band —they're family.

(Left to Right) Jacob Casey (Bass), Mike Pruitt (Keyboard), John Stribling (Drums), Kelly White (Vocals), Brennan Hinck (Vocals/Guitar), Carter Hess (Trumpet), Nick Garcia (Guitar)

Song that embodies STRATA's motto of #livefromwithin ?

Brennan: Roanoke. It's an older song about the blue ridge mountains in Virginia. It's about getting away from society and social media and the things in life we think about a lot that don't necessarily mean anything and experiencing wilderness.

How did Weekend Atlas originate?

Brennan: It originated a while ago. My sister got on my computer and snuck some listens to some shitty music I wrote. I guess she liked some of it, so she told her musician friend about it, and he referred me to nick. Nick and I had a lot of shitty tries, and then we found Carter, Jacob, and Mike. That was the basis of the band.

How would you describe your musical style?

Brennan: We started out super folky, singer-songwriter. Nick started writing more poppy-rock parts. I think we have changed our sound drastically in the past two months. We are going more of the direction of a rock sound but definitely are keeping the folk element in some songs.

Why did you choose to have seven person band:

Carter: It was the philosophy of how we approached. Every time we would get to a certain core of people, we would be like, 'What if we had this?' Everyone would be like, 'Yeah a bass would make this sound good, and oh, this type of drumming.' It still goes like that except nowadays we add instruments instead of people. It's always this idea of constantly adding and transforming the music.

Brennan: I love the aspect of live performances not having backing tracks and having legitimate musicians performing all at the same time. It brings a lot more to live performances because everyone has their little mess ups and such. It gives it more of a real natural feel.

You are heading out on tour soon?

Nick: We leave July 27th. The plan is to play cities almost every day up to New York. Then we are going to Ohio and starting to come back down through Atlanta, Nashville, and Tallahassee before we get back home. It'll take about two weeks, a little mini tour.

We did this all on our own without a manager. A lot of bands are doing that nowadays, but we are really young to be doing this. Most bands get out there and are in their mid 20s. Our oldest member is 21. I feel like this is a pretty cool accomplishment that we will have done.

Goals for the tour?

Mike: For people to hear our music. That's the biggest goal of going out of town you know. People need to hear your music. That's the only way you are going to get out there.

Next chance to see them live:

July 25th at Burro Bar.


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