What does the Bachelor, purple ice cream, and Bobby Flay have in common?   

If your answer was "2nd City Restaurant" you'd be correct. But we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves; let's back up.


If you are in New York City's West Village, you might find a restaurant on Hudson St. filled with wall art murals, skateboard displays, and a lot of personality. Oh, did we mention they wear Strata as their uniforms? Celebrity head chef and owner Jordan Andino was kind enough to talk with us about 2nd City Restaurant.

Please introduce yourself and your restaurant.
Jordan Andino, Chef/Owner, 2nd City West Village
What inspired the name "2nd City"?
3 things - named for 'Cebu City' which is the 2nd largest city in the Philippines, 1 of my 2 partners is from America's 2nd City (Chicago,) and we aim to open/franchise in secondary markets throughout the US.  
How did you get started in the food industry? 
My dad is an executive Chef/Owner in Toronto, Canada and every summer and winter growing from the age of 9-17 I spent cooking and learning from him and his crew.
What is purple ice cream?
My purple ice cream is called "Ube Macapuno" and it consists of purple yam and creamy coconut chunks.
Photo: Brian Zak


Tell us about your crew's uniforms. They look familar...
Haahah well my crew's uniforms were referenced from Karmaloop where we first started shopping and then found the Strata Bachelor buttonup and immediately loved it. The fit and pattern really are what sold me to continue using them and also the guest reaction upon seeing them.
What is the best and worst thing about having a restaurant in NYC? 
BEST - achieving your dream owning a restaurant in NYC by the age of 25 (i'm 27 but who's counting) WORST - dealing with the community boards/rent/red tape associated with business ownership in NYC
Photo: Lambert Parong

A little birdy told us you have been on TV a few times! Care to share your favorite experience? 
Haha i've been on major networks such as Food Network, Bravo, and E!  Fav experience has to be competing against Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay.  I could be myself and really work with the crowd since i was in a stadium.
Do you skateboard while cooking or just on your free time? There's a photo of you on your website that is a little unclear...
I skate to and from work 1 of my three boards!
Lastly, How do you Live From Within?
I Live From Within because my passion is what drives me and attracts people to my work.  I always say that no matter what, through success or failure, if you believe your shit is great, it doesn't matter what other people say/think.  That epitomizes living from within in my book
2nd City West Village
525 Hudson St.
NY,NY 10014

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