Punta Perfecta // Lost in Mexico

Our new intern, Kendall Toothe, can’t seem to stay in the same country for more than a few weeks. Fresh back from Puerto Rico, she decided to take off to Mexico in search of “Punta Perfecta.” Her words about the magical wave are as follows…

I’m really good at getting myself really lost. Actually, I really enjoy getting lost. I left for Mexico looking for answers. What I found was myself more lost in this world when I returned from Mexico, than when I arrived.

It’s seems to be a surfer’s right of passage to pack things up and get lost down the coast of Baja. You find yourself coming across so many untold stories; so many paths crossed among fellow travelers. Every turn gives you butterflies, thinking that you might be coming across a perfect hollow point wave. Often you find yourself with nobody in sight; maybe some cattle leading you down the cactus line. The beauty of Baja is you never know what you may find, and you find yourself really lost along the way, especially all of the endless walks through the riverbeds where I could feel my skin bubbling with heat and hoping there would be the perfect wave at the end.

“Punta Perfecta”; the name says it all. If I told you the location, I might have to kill you, or the locals might chase me off the beach and feed me to the rattlesnakes. So we will be safe, and just say I’ve never seen a right point wave as magical as Punta Perfecta. After a mile walk down an arroyo, just around the river bend, you find yourself at an open beach with a peeling wave breaking off the farthest rock point. We surfed this break day after day with no more than four people out. The locals were really confused on how these “Floridians” found the break. Our answer - always the same;” Guess we just ventured and got lost down the right arroyo”.

Some may think of the “Endless Summer,” but to me, Mexico was the “Endless Adventure.” I lost my heart and soul to Mexico. X marks the spot of Punta Perfecta, until next time..



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