Underground sport/activity/pastime, whatever you want to call it. Many may not even know what wake-skating is; hell we weren't even that familiar with it until rockstar Travis Doran showed up on our doorstep one day and said, "I want to ride for you."

We were like hmmm, we don't know where to start, but send us some videos and show us what you and wake skating are all about. A couple of days later our inbox was stuffed full of video clips of some of the raddest stuff we have seen in a long time. Kick flipping a three pound skateboard is a feat in itself, now add five more pounds, a winch or boat, water, and a 10ft. gap or cement ledge and now you have the twisted sport of wake-skating.

Thats enough blah blah blah. Welcome Travis, we are stoked with what the future holds.


Photo and video courtesy of Tyler Mangus, Aphid Wakeskates.

Quick Clips // Travis Doran Welcome from STRATA CLOTHING on Vimeo.

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